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CMG INSURANCE Blog: 12_2015

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Just got a new home, or are you just looking to properly insure the one you have? The first thing to know when determining what you should insure your home for, is that most insurance companies will not insure your home for its market value. The reason for that is that the market value can fluctuate. READ MORE >>

By now you should probably know about the many benefits of having auto insurance. In doing so, you are protecting your health and financial well-being. What we don’t often hear about are the many horrible situations people have to experience for various reasons; sometimes their fault, and sometimes the fault of the insurance companies. READ MORE >>

All of the coverages in your auto policy apply when you are driving. Did you know that they also apply when other people are driving your vehicle? When you purchase auto insurance, the coverages are actually for the car, not the person.   * Note. READ MORE >>

Some insurance policies contain water exclusions or limitations of coverage to the interior of the building, or the property contained in the interior of the building, unless a windstorm damages the exterior roof or walls of the structure through which the water enters. READ MORE >>

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