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CMG INSURANCE Blog: 11_2015

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Sometimes it does not take an agent to express the importance of proper coverage. Often times the best advice comes from someone that you may know personally or just happened to sit next to during a social function. Whatever the case may be, their personal experiences can be your jump-start in the right direction to protecting the things and people that you value most. READ MORE >>

Nancy Says…   I recently had a close friend involved in a car accident. She and her husband were on a residential street, and a car ran a red light and hit them. She was severely bruised, suffered a concussion, and was hospitalized for a few days. READ MORE >>

Nancy Knows… I’m sure you’ve heard of Hurricane Patricia, a category 5 hurricane that caused mass floods in Mexico last weekend. This topic came up as I was talking to a friend, and she said “I hope all those people have homeowners insurance."   READ MORE >>

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